Music video clip created to accompany a short version of cello solo piece

Composed by Renaud Lhoest and performed by Sigrid Vandenbogaerde.

Directed and produced by Laura Colmenares Guerra & Kristina Ianatchkova,
“GIFT” takes you on a journey to the heart of sound which empathizes with emotion, reveling it, transforming it, calming it and allowing it to be.

Cello: Sigrid Vandenbogaerde
Directors: Laura Colmenares Guerra & Kristina Ianatchkova
DOP: Francisco Rodriguez
Featuring: Lila Malfeyt
VFX / 3D/ Editing / Compositing: Laura Colmenares Guerra & Kristina Ianatchkova
Script supervisor: Helene Hubert
Light assistant: Rafael Abril
Technical assistants: Erland Jacobsen, Pauline Pilla
Composition: Renaud Lhoest