L.A.N.D.S – LANSCAPE N.2 is an installation that belongs to a series of Landscapes that I am currently working on. They explore the notions of the geological era as a subdivision of geological time. The geological history of Earth follows the major events in Earth's past based on the geologic time scale, in that way, the study of the rocky layers of the planet, is a system of chronological measurement. This research follows my interest in the notion of landscape in relation to the Western conception of nature and natural. How these geopolitical concepts, are found on the periphery of what we consider, as artificial structures or designed by the Human. How are these concepts simulated, to arrive at an aesthetic vision of the landscape and the territory?

Landscape N.2: Volumetric landscape made of wood plates, alternated with LED lights. Two volumetric black plaster cones.

Materials: Materials: Wood / LED lights / Plaster Dimensions: 200cm x 85cm x 90cm