LUNGS [The Breather]

conception & video: Laura Colmenares Guerra
sound interaction & composition: Todor Todoroff
video interaction software: Yacine Sebti

Lungs [the breather] is an interactive, immersive installation, which explores involuntary bodily processes brought into consciousness through the experience of the piece. By amplifying and intensifying the unconscious body process of breathing, it aims to generate a conscious movement towards the question of body perception. “Breath” is the path that potentials the interconnections between body processes of the participants. Through breathing the participants receive feedback from their own breathing process, as well as from the people they are connected too. These processes are translated into video and audio responses.

The experience of the piece begins when the participants enter the space and sit on one of the rocks. There’s a mask beside each rock. Each participant takes a mask and starts breathing through it with immediate audio response. Each participant is assigned with 4 jellyfishes.

When everybody is set-up and starts breathing through the system, the video starts reacting to the data coming from the sensors. A set of up to maximum 16 projected jellyfishes (4 per person) appear swimming inside a “pool” filled with white liquid, that serves as projection screen. The jellyfishes follow the breather’s pace. A 10 minutes scenario guides the participants through evolving video and audio states of interaction.

Through the experience, a space that implies personal immersion begins to generate physical destabilization by the diffusion of the bodies present. While the experience implies a real conscious observation and identification of our own specific involuntary processes, it raises the tension between different aspects of our selves, as human beings, in a collective frame.

 Is the nature of our subjectivity fragmented and decentred? Does any specific experience consideres the subject as neutral?
Centred in ‘a priori’? What kind of subject implies the installation experience? Does installation art call for emancipation?

Does it question our sense of stability? How the subject positions himself towards the object, towards the space?

with the support of

Vlaanderen verbeelding         FWB