Audiovisual piece by Laura Colmenares Guerra and Jana Irmert. Send me a message if you want the link for full 8 mins piece.

Laura and Jana met during Labverde , an art program taking place in the Brazilian Amazon, a trip that brought an amazing network of artists and friends, with whom we share this connection with the Amazon Rainforest.

The sound composition is based entirely on field recordings that Jana made in the Amazon using hydrophones and ultrasound recordings. Through different processing methods, sonic elements are carved out from the dense ambiences of the Rainforest and transformed into melodic formations and rhythmic patterns.

The title Ecdysis (from Ancient Greek ékdysis) refers to the process of casting off the old skin or exoskeleton that reptiles and insects undergo sometimes multiple times in their lives. Scanning over the surface of the 3D model of the Amazon basin, we immediately thought of an animal’s skin that we are looking at from up close. And indeed, the whole of the Amazon with its multiple ecosystems of rivers and rainforest is also one large being that is alive.

  • Laura Colmenares Guerra, 3D Animation
  • Jana Irmert, Field Recordings & Composition