REVERSE is a Virtual Reality (VR) piece that deepens into the complex situation of Amazonia: The ancestral indigenous populations and the biome of the Rainforest are endangered by the extractive practices operating in the region and the commercialisation of commodities distributed to the rest of the world.
REVERSE comprises four main sections:
1. Immersive 360º linear animation where the participants travel through a jungle, humid, dense and lively audio-visual landscape.

2. Interactive section composed of tridimensional relief maps that allow the participants to navigate various layers of data related to the Amazons Basin:
- Geolocalisation of Indigenous people and Protected Natural Areas
- Geolocalisation of socio-environmental threats

3. Interactive section that maps the commercialisation chain of commodities extracted from Amazonia and imported to different parts of the globe.

4. Project notes about Scale & Amazonia based on 360° images filmed in the Brazilian Amazon.
REVERSE is conceived to generate an experience that underlines the tensions present in the territory by the pressure between the local and global perspectives. Where human, cultural and environmental aspects rub with power, economics and multinational interests in a context of climate stress in which the importance of preserving this unique ecosystem is vital for the survival of the current life on Earth.


  • Conception, direction, production, Laura Colmenares Guerra
  • Unreal developer, François Zajéga
  • GIS analyst, Gabriel Codreanu
  • 3D animatiom, Samson Michel & Laura Colmenares Guerrra